The Proto and Proto Plus are the total expression of the Neutralis philosophy and are the pinacle of Neutralis speaker cables. Design, geometry, materials and manufacture put The Proto at the cutting edge of speaker cables available today. A cable with phenomenal delicacy, power, timing and silence which leads to a truly peerless listening experience.


Designed to have minimal influence on the transmission of the audio signal and to be ultra quiet with phenomenal detail retrieval and neutrality. Totally handmade; from the first step of polishing the high purity copper conductors to finished product. Can be made to specified lengths.

Ultra low inductance.

The Proto Speaker Cables take into account the specific parameters necessary in speaker cable design, namely inductance and dielectric absorption. The Proto Speaker Cables have ultra low inductance due to the geometry employed which allows inductive coupling to occur. Considering the ultra low inductance figures of The Proto Speaker Cables the capacitive load is limited due to the geometry and air dielectric philosophy, allowing it to work well with amplifiers that may be unstable with highly capacitive loads.

Minimal skin-effect

Skin-effect occurs since the high-frequency currents tend to flow on the outer "skin" of the conductors whereas lower frequencies are more uniform in current distribution across the conductor cross-section. Correct gauge of conductors result in all frequencies flowing more evenly in the conductors, thus minimising skin-effect. Neutralis carefully selects conductor gauge to facilitate optimum frequency response across the spectrum.

Minimal use of form hugging conductor insulation

Form hugging insulation or coatings on conductors are undesirable. The dielectric material stores conductor energy as a type of charge in the same manner as capacitors retain part of the charge even after being discharged. The remaining charge in the dielectric material may be released when it is not desired. This is known as Dielectric Absorption or voltage retention. The higher the dielectric constant of the insulation the more pronounced the problem is. This is detrimental since the latent charge can lead to variance in the amount of energy required to charge the dielectric. Remaining charge can dissipate onto conductors at the incorrect time leading to "smearing" of the audio signal. The Proto like all Neutralis models limits form hugging conductor insulation in the design. This leads to improving both high and low-frequency micro resolution, focus,dynamics and neutrality.


Inductance per foot: 0.0173µH
Capacitance per foot: 86.5pF
Max. Cable Diameter: 51mm at Centre Capsule.
Spade Stud Size: 8mm
Spade Material: Pure Copper, no plating.
Conductor Material: High Purity Copper
Primary Dielectric: Literal Air and Virgin Unpigmented PTFE
Neutralis Clarity System:
Proto: Stage 1, TimeCapsule1
Proto Plus: Stage 1, TimeCapsule1 and TimeCapsule2
Air Tubes: 7 x 6mm air tubes
Centering Technology: Stage 2
Terminations: Double crimped Spade only.