Range Structure

The Elements of Transmission

Generally there are three basic elements of transmission which connect an audio system together. The first element being the power cord which feeds the electronics in a system. The second element is one or more interconnecting cables between components whether analogue or digital in nature. The final element being the speaker cables.

Neutralis divides these three elements of transmission in the following manner;

  • The Prologue - Power Cords since they are the first element of transmission.
  • The Progress - Interconnecting Cables since they are the following element of transmission
  • The Propagation - Speaker Cables as they are the final element of transmission propagation.

The Range

Neutralis further divides the three elements of transmission into three tiers;

  • The Progeny - The offspring of The Proto. Clearly of the same gene pool as its progenitor.
  • The Prodigy - The mercurial. A step closer to the Proto.
  • The Proto - The full expression of Neutralis Transmission Philosophy.