Cable design is carried out around the limitations of the industrial processes that are available to cable designers. Big-name and no-name brands alike have their cables manufactured through mechanized processes thousands of meters at a time by subcontractors. They are bound to these modes of manufacture and industrial processes that limit ultimate geometry and use of specific materials. Though trying to employ methods to minimise these obvious weaknesses ultimately they still land up working within the very limited confines of the industrial processes at their disposal. This is unfortunately the general reality of audiophile cable manufacture barring a few exceptions worldwide.

Neutralis is not bound by such constraints since it is hand crafted from beginning to end. Geometry is not limited by mechanised processes but rather by attempting to achieve theoretical limits of cable design.

Range Structure

THE PROLOGUE (Power Cables)

THE PROGRESS (Interconnect Cables)

THE PROPAGATION (Loudspeaker Cables)